Do -Won Chang Success Story. He became a famous entrepreneur

Do-won chang

Do Won Chang is an American entrepreneur born in Korea and now owns the famous and refundable names of fashion retail stores like Forever 21. Thanks to his hard work and his infinite efforts, this store now have 450 branches spread across more than 15 countries of the world. But it was about three decades ago that Do Won Chang had to deal with his strange life and his parents were poor, he had to work at odd hours with several strange jobs, among which stand out washing dishes, being an employee of the station Service and a concierge. some.

He says that when he landed in the United States, he literally tries almost everything from washing the dishes to working part-time at a service station and a small cafeteria. But do these jobs, he became interested in fashion and decided to go to the retail career. Actually, he was born in 1981 in South Korea and moved to California at the age of 18. He opened his own clothing and fashion sales center known as Fashion 21 during 1984 in Highland Park, Los Angeles. It was his luck that during the initial year of his sales he managed to earn around $ 700,000 of $ 35,000.

To expand his business to different counties and locations around the world without being afraid of all the obstacles that must have crossed later, he changed the name of his store to Forever 21 and it was during 2012 that mentioned his name along with that of his wife among the richest people in this world with a net worth of around 4 billion dollars.

He arrived in America with nothing but big dreams in his eyes and made them come true only with his predisposition, strength, and determination to build empires that he kept in reserve alive during the course of his fights. According to him, his point of sale Forever 21 is an inspiration for almost all those people who come to the United States with nothing but creativity and dreams in their eyes, therefore, emphasizes working hard and suggests that one should have a deep understanding of the business they would like to join

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