Khairatabad Ganesh 2019.Latest updates Images and Height.

khairthabad ganesh 2019

Khairatabad Ganesh

Shashikant Salvi. Ganeshotsav is starting from Monday. A 61-feet tall statue of Ganapati will be installed at Khairtabad in Hyderabad. This statue, built at a cost of about 1 crore rupees, is 12 faces. It is named Sri Dwadashaditya Mahaganapathi. A huge idol of Ganesha is installed here every year since 1954. The idol to be installed here during the Ganesh festival is the tallest in the country.

C. Rajendran, Venkat Guvwala and 150 members of his team made the statue in Hyderabad. It started in May. It took more than three months. It weighs about 50 tons. It has been created with the help of POP. It is the tallest twelve-faced Ganesh idol in the country, which will be installed during the Ganesh festival. This year the idol of Ganesha is inspired by the 12 forms of Suryadev.

Ganesh Utsav has been celebrating every year since 1954
According to Sandeep Raj, joint secretary of Khairatabad Ganesh Utsav Samiti, the Utsav Samiti was formed in 1954 by freedom fighter S.K. Shankaraya did it. Since then a grand statue of Ganesha is installed here every year.

After Shankaraya his brother S. S. with Sudarshan Rajkumar and his family organize Ganesh Utsav. So far the average height of the statues installed here has been 60 feet. No such tall statue is enshrined elsewhere during the Ganesh festival.
2 to 4 tons of flower garlands will be presented daily

Ganesh Height

The flowers offered daily on this magnificent Ganesha statue will be about 2 to 4 tons. Many types of flowers are used in making garlands. There are several cultural events for 10 days. More than 70 thousand devotees visit every day

The idol of Ganesha is carved in an open space and on a high platform. The height of the platform is 65 feet and the width is about 30 feet. Sandeep Raj says that in the Ganesh festival last year, more than 70 thousand devotees came here daily to see God. This year the figure may increase. Ganesh Utsav is celebrated here by the donations made by the devotees.

Last year, devotees had donated around 70 lakh rupees to the donation box here. There is a 24-hour darshan for devotees. For this, there are no more than 200 members of the committee engaged in system and security.

Immersion is done with the help of cranes
The huge idol of Ganesha is immersed in the Hussain Sagar Lake here. Cran’s help is taken for this. A procession is taken out on the last day of the festival, which is attended by thousands of devotees.

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