Larry Page success Story Sergey Brin is now at the top?

Larry Page and Google are today names that are synonymous not only with success but also with huge success rates. While Page may have pushed Google to become one of the most indisputable search engines in the world, its story began in a very different way.

The beginning
In the past, when Page was just a 22-year-old man, a sudden idea left him sleepless. Realizing that the dream was not going to be his friend that night, Page spent the whole night studying the different links on the World Wide Web and when it dawned, he began to read the information in a completely new way. However, even though he had all his eggs in a row, Page was still a rookie in the world of inventions. This was when he met Sergey Brin, a man with whom he argued constantly during the first days of his friendship.The two became so close over the years due to their shared ideas, they started working on the multiple links Page had accumulated during his sleepless night and finally, Eureka hit! The different links he saw from what he downloaded became the basis of an algorithm, PageRank, which would later be used to create his first search engine, BackRub. However, even though BackRub has a unique concept, the brand simply refused to stay and a few years later, Page changed the name of BackRub to in September 1997.

Google’s journey
The concept of the single search engine was immediately accepted. Because the platform was becoming a success, Brin and Page had no choice but to devote all their free time to the development of the website. So much that they even thought about selling the website during its initial phases!The first version of Google was launched in 1996 and originally, the website was hosted on a Stanford website, Unfortunately, Google’s initial website took up so much space that it occupied more than half of Stanford’s bandwidth. Created with basic HTML knowledge of Page, Google’s new platform was visually appealing and extremely enjoyable. Not only did it make the website really fast, it also helped make the website extremely easy to use.

This prompted Google to the top instantly and with more than one billion URLs for the year 2000, Google was quickly becoming the world’s most popular search engine. The biggest movement of power for Google occurred when Google announced its restructuring under a new company called Alphabet Inc. With the number of employees growing at a drastic number, Page thought a restructuring was needed within the team.
However, through all the changes and everything that could have gone wrong, Google from Larry Page and Sergey Brin is now at the top. Revolutionizing the way the search engine system worked, the creation of Page and Brin was ready to provide information to people as quickly as possible! In addition, with the evolution of technology and the growing presence of digital marketing on a daily basis, people needed a search engine like Google to help them move forward.

Over the years, Page continued to lose the broader image of what Google represented and even with everything that was going well for the company, he was simply not happy. It was only after he hired a man to assume the position of CEO that Page could finally settle on his own. Today, Google is the most used search engine and with all the effort Page and Brin put on the website, the trip is a story.

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