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Mark Parker Success Story Behind Unknown Facts About Nike!



Mark Parker (born Gregorian calendar month twenty-one, 1955) could be a man of affairs. He is President, President, and business executive of the Greek deity, Inc. He was named the company’s third business executive in 2006.

“It’s time for the media to find Mark Parker,” says Phil Knight. “It’s like, wherever have you ever been? it has been a sensation of 9 years.”

Then begins associate degree interview with the legendary co-founder of Greek deity (NKE), the previous 77-year-old controller UN agency commissioned the ever-present “swoosh” brand for $ thirty-five so engineered a world shoe empire around him. Knight continues to be president of the Greek deity, however, he does not speak abundant with the media any longer. For the remainder, he presently does nothing he will not opt for. Hell, he did not even hassle to seem at Nike’s period of time meeting with investors, a mid-October celebration of his company’s achievements. At that meeting, Knight’s successor, the insufficiently control Parker, created a daring statement, notably for such a discreet CEO: he secured to extend Nike’s revenue by $ twenty billion, to $ fifty billion, by 2020.

However, once it involves talking regarding Parker, Knight is over willing to speak. Since taking the workplace in 2006 from the intruder Knight recruited for the primary time for the work, Parker has overseen the duplication of Nike’s sales. For external appearances, Knight and Parker square measure a study of contrasts. Knight is associate degree master’s degree associate degreed remains an irascible presence on the company field of Greek deity Beaverton, Oregon. Parker could be a soft-voice shoe designer, famed for a thoughtful however hard to please management vogue. However, the 2 square measure a lot of similar than not. “We square measure each self-examining,” says Knight, UN agency receives curt answers, no matter the question. once asked to elucidate the achievements of this chief operating officer, he notes that Parker was altogether|one amongst|one in every of} Nike’s 1st recruits (he joined a style outpost in New Hampshire in 1979) and has succeeded in all the tasks allotted to him since then. “He was one amongst the primary guys we tend to recruited outside of school,” Knight recollects. “So we’ve been looking at it for nearly forty years.” Knight, recently the same he can resign from the position of President in Parker next year. Knight, UN agency still controls 2 hundredths of the Greek deity, is thus in tune with Parker that generally they pay a month while not speaking. “Usually, I do know what you are thinking and the other way around,” he says. Knight at first acknowledges having had difficulties material possession go, and his known management bark endures, even with Parker.

According to all reports, Parker’s responses are over satisfactory. In fact, the previous 60-year-old university runner has skillfully carried the founder’s baton. Of course, the corporate that Parker hereditary was now not the helplessness of worldwide titans like Adidas. Parker has moon-faced the tough task of finding growth in an exceedingly victorious mature company.

It is honest to mention that Parker has outperformed the competition. Today, Greek deity is that the world leader in multiple classes of sports shoes, particularly running, basketball and association football. Your participation in the U.S. sports shoe market. UU. It is 62%, per reports earlier this year. No. two Skechers (SKX) has solely five-hitter. Behind the scenes, Greek deity is associate degree operative machine famed for crisp inventory management and crafty deals with retailers. the corporate is legendary for its ability to sell, however progressively Greek deity stands call at its commitment to technology, whether or not in style, producing, promoting and, as we are going to see, shortly in retail. Nike conjointly grows surprisingly quick for an organization of its size. it’s been generating a gradual annual sales growth of eight.5%, and its revenue target of $ fifty billion implies that it will increase it up to 100%, all whereas defensive below Armor (UA) and Lululemon (LULU), UN agency has assumed the previous Greek deity contestant mantle. Greek deity conjointly prints profits: over $ three billion in business enterprise 2015, nearly St Martin’s Day of sales.

Parker could be a strange issue in an exceeding world of nice CEOs that build headlines. Introverts, after all, don’t seem to be the norm within the government suite. however folks like Apple’s Parker and Tim Cook (AAPL) square measure proving that the reserved rates will meet. Parker’s meticulous approach to development, referred to as “design thinking,” is trendy, due to the acclaim of Apple product below its known designer Jony I’ve. Parker remains committed to his original trade: still noodles in 2 lines of restricted trainers with the known Greek deity designer Tinker Hatfield, one amongst them with the Greek deity interpreter icon Michael Jordan and therefore the alternative with the Japanese vogue designer Hiroshi Fujiwara.Nike’s performance, as associate degree older champion UN agency continues to drive the competition, has junction rectifier Fortune to call Parker as its 2015 businessperson of the Year. Since management students square measure invariably searching for role models, it’s conjointly a decent excuse for Investigate what makes Parker tick. After all, he’s the rare successor of a known founder UN agency has taken his company to new heights. It’s time, as Phil Knight discovered, to find however Mark Parker will it.
10 facts which will surprise you regarding Greek deity chief operating officer Mark Parker:

Parker is acknowledged within the inventive community and his friends reportedly embrace Eric Clapton.
His workplace is choked with works of art associate degreed collectibles that vary from Greek deity shoes to a Jimi Hendrix stringed instrument and a Phoebus mission manual.
He usually visits the art galleries of the Pearl District.
In “Swoosh,” associate degree unauthorized chronicle of Greek deity printed in 1991, former Greek deity government Rob Strasser same Parker “had the potential to run the corporate at some point.” He was appointed chief operating officer fifteen years later in 2006.
His wife, Kathy Mills Parker, UN agency could be a volunteer within the community, once control the planet record at 5000 meters.

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ఏడవ నిజాం కూతురు బేగం కన్నుమూత.

ఏడవ నిజాం మీర్ ఉస్మాన్ అలీఖాన్ సంతానంలో బ్రతికున్న ఏకైక వ్యక్తి, ఆయన కుమార్తె బషీరున్నిసా బేగం(93) కన్నుమూసింది.కొంతకాలంగా అనారోగ్యంతో బాధపడుతున్న పడుతుంది. ఆమె ఆరోగ్యం మరింత క్షిణించడంతో ఈ తెల్లవారు జామున తుదిశ్వాస విడిచింది. బషీరున్నిసా బేగం 1927 సంవత్సరంలో జన్మించారు. ఆమెకు అలీ పాషాగా పేరొందిన నావాబ్ కాసిం యార్ జంగ్‌తో పెళ్లి జరిగింది.

వీరికి ఒక కుమార్తె కూడా ఉంది. కుమార్తె పేరు రషీదున్నిసా బేగం. పురాణీ హవేలీలో నివసిస్తున్నారు. అలీ పాషా 1998 సంవత్సరంలో మరణించారు. బషీరున్నిసా బేగం మరణం పట్ల పలువురు ప్రముఖులు తీవ్ర సానుభూతిని వ్యక్తం చేశారు. ఆమె భౌతికకాయాన్ని సందర్శించి నివాళులు అర్పిస్తున్నారు. ప్రార్థనల అనంతరం అంత్యక్రియలను నిర్వహించనున్నారు. పాతబస్తీలోని దర్గా యాహియా పాషా స్మశానవాటికలో బషీరున్నిసా బేగం అంత్యక్రియలు జరుపనున్నారు.

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Eat Food With Measurable Quantity



What are the dimensions of a serving of food?
It is simple! One serving is that the quantity of food or drink we elect to eat every time. It is often heaps or touches and it depends on the alternatives we tend to create. whereas the number of food we tend to eat is our call, we are able to influence the number of food served in restaurants or provided in packages by food producers.

Why ought to we tend to concentrate on the dimensions of a portion?
Understanding what an accurate portion will facilitate the US eat healthier and avoid mortal sin and mortal sin.2 What drives our food selections is advanced and lots of factors will play a job, from social to psychological.3 A typically, the number of food or the sensation of fullness doesn’t even appear to matter. this might be because:

we eat a rush, or doltishly,
we simply do not know what quantity we should always eat,
We choose larger parts for a higher price for cash.
In some food containers, the portion size is mentioned, in others no. Why?
In the EU, food producers will, however, don’t have to be compelled to indicate a serving size on the package. the data that ought to be mentioned within the food packages includes:


How much product the package contains in total,
What nutrients and the way abundant of them area unit gift in 100g or 100ml of the given food. Who decides on the portion size indicated on the food package, if mentioned?
In general, portion sizes don’t seem to be standardized in Europe and will vary by the whole, product or producer.7 However, many business associations have developed normal portion sizes to produce consistent info, sure|guaranteeing} that certain Food or beverages area unit tagged with identical serving size, notwithstanding whole. 5,6,8 as an example, soup producers mentioned and suggested that a serving of soup be 250 milliliters. The trade association of the ECU potable business conjointly set the reference portion size at 250 milliliter and European breakfast cereal producers united on a spread (30-45 g) of serving sizes for various varieties of cereals. Food makers, if they want, may also specify info “per serving.” The “per serving” info offered by food producers isn’t the suggested quantity to consume. Rather, it’s the number of food that a median adult is predicted to consume and the way it contributes to the final diet. as an example, one hundred g of butter contains, on average, eighty g of fat. Actually, we do not eat one hundred g of butter at a time. Therefore, providing info per serving of butter, as an example, per 10 g, can higher replicate the contribution of this food to our diet.

Is the portion size identical because of the portion size?
This can be quite confusing! typically, the dimensions of some and also the size of some area unit identical, however, they’ll disagree. we tend to currently recognize that that portion is that the quantity of food we elect to eat, whereas the portion size may be a specific and measured quantity of food, like a spoon, a glass or a slice. Imagine a loaf of bread. The suggested serving size could also be one to a pair of slices, however, the portion you select to eat could vary. it should rely upon however you would like to eat the bread, what else you’re consumption with it and the way abundant you would like.

Unpacked food? Is portion size not recommended? however will we acumen abundant to eat?
The dietary steerage provided by every country, usually painted as an organic phenomenon or dish, is often an honest begin. you’ll use them to understand what foods to eat and in what proportions, to attain a healthy and diet. will your country have its own organic phenomenon or an Eatwell dish to that you’ll prefer? you’ll realize it on this page of the FAO web site. We should conjointly invariably bear in mind that some foods offer a lot of energy than others, which implies they supply a lot of calories per serving. this is often known as density energy density ‘. as an example, a frozen dessert created with full-fat cream and sugar is often classified as high energy density foods. On the opposite hand, most fruits and vegetables have low energy density. Therefore, the portion sizes of fruits and vegetables would want to be larger than the frozen dessert to produce an identical quantity of calories. Low energy density foods area unit usually wealthy in nutrients. whereas foods of high energy density ought to be enjoyed carefully, observance portion sizes.

As a general guide, attempt to follow these tips:

Eat at least 5 totally different servings of colorful fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.
Make potatoes, bread, rice, alimentary paste or alternative starchy carbohydrates because of the basis of a meal, selecting whole grains whenever doable fourteen
Aim for 3 servings of farm product (or farm alternatives) per day, selecting choices with less fat
Eat macromolecules like beans, legumes, fish, eggs, and meat (including a pair of servings of fish hebdomadally, one amongst that should be oily)
Drink half-dozen to eight glasses of water, milk and sugar-free drinks, like tea and occasional, on a daily basis that ought to add one.5 to a pair of liters per day.
Eat-in an eating place and be swamped by the portion of food ahead of you?
In restaurants, if the food you serve looks an excessive amount of, raise your server to get rid of 0.5 the number now and pack it up to require a home. This not solely helps management what quantity you eat, however conjointly avoids waste by providing another meal for the consecutive day!

Can I simply calculate what quantity some ought to be?
We should see our serving sizes and mix them with suggested serving sizes. To estimate the proper amount or portion, we are able to use our hands, some visual comparisons or straightforward activity tools which will be found in our room. the fruit may be a tiny apple or a few of berries
the vegetables square measure a medium carrot or 2 handfuls of sliced broccoli (which is roughly eighty g)
the bread maybe a slice or [*fr1] bun
the flesh will slot in the palm of your hand
the cheese is that the size of a tiny low box
water ought to fill a glass
the butter will be measured with a teaspoon
What regarding the children? for certain their parts square measure smaller!
That’s right! the quantity of food we want and, therefore, the dimensions of our parts varies in line with our weight, gender, health and the way active we have a tendency to square measure. does one bear in mind a food pyramid? It will be used as a reference for kids over two years. simply bear in mind, once adjusting the dimensions of some for the bellies, the balance of the food teams ought to stay constant, what matters is that the portion size. we are able to still use our hands as a guide for individual parts. as an example, if a few of berries is one serving, kids can have less and so consumed but adults. What a helpful mensuration tool continuously in our pockets!

How will we have a tendency to management portion sizes?
Understanding what quantity we want to eat needs apply, however, their square measure some tricks to stay portion sizes beneath control:

Use smaller plates
Slow down and be additional aware whereas intake
Skip seconds / do not choose a second to facilitate if you already feel full
Do not dine out of the boxes
Learn to scan food labels
Repackage giant baggage in individual parts
Use mensuration tools like spoons, cups, and cups.
Use our infographic as a guide to decide on the proper serving size
Eat often, consciously, and luxuriate in it with friends and family!

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Chandrayaan-2 Full Story. Indian satellite mission




Chandrayaan-2 is Associate in Nursing Indian satellite mission to explore the undiscovered pole of the heavenly body by landing a rover.On Gregorian calendar month seven, Republic of India tried to form a soft landing on the satellite surface.However, the Vikram landing module lost the first landing website and went for the second. the pictures disappeared from here on out.

According to the top of Isro, K Sivan, the communication of the Vikram landing module was lost and therefore the knowledge remains being analyzed.

If the Republic of India succeeds, it’ll be the fourth country to land on the moon, when the previous state, us and china, to consolidate its place among the nations of the planet that visit the house.

The Chandrayaan-2 satellite had begun its journey to the moon going Earth’s orbit within the dark hours on August fourteen, when a vital maneuver known as Trans satellite Insertion (TLI) that Isro dispensed to put the orbiter within the “Lunar Transfer Path”.

In a vital milestone for India’s second satellite mission, the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter had with success entered the satellite orbit on August twenty once activity the satellite orbit insertion (LOI) maneuver. On August twenty-two, Isro frees the primary image of the moon captured by Chandrayaan-2. On Gregorian calendar month a pair of, ‘Vikram’ with success separated from the satellite, when that 2 outrageous maneuvers were dispensed to bring the landing module nearer to the Moon.

‘Vikram’ and ‘Pragyan’

When the Republic of India tried a soft landing on the satellite surface on Gregorian calendar month seven, all eyes were on the ‘Vikram’ landing module and therefore the ‘Pragyan’ scout vehicle.The 1,471 metric weight unit ‘Vikram’, named when Vikram Sarabhai, the daddy of the Indian program, was designed to execute a soft landing on the satellite surface and operate throughout a day, that amounts to regarding fourteen Earth days.

The twenty-seven metric weight unit robotic vehicle of Chandrayaan-2 ‘Pragyan’, that interprets as ‘wisdom’ in Sanskritic language, will travel up to five hundred meters from the landing purpose on the moon and harnesses alternative energy for its operation.If victorious, Pragyaan is deployed from within the landing module to hold out Associate in Nursing intense probe of the satellite soil with its 2 payloads.

Chandrayaan, which suggests “lunar vehicle” in Sanskritic language, exemplifies the revitalization of international interest in the house. I know. In the US, China and personal companies square measure among those that vie to explore everything from resource mining to extraterrestrial colonies on the moon and even Mars.

Isro’s future plans

Isro’s next priority is that the $ one.4 billion Gaganyaan mission, that aims to place 3 Indian “gaganauts” into orbit, a minimum of one in all who are a lady.

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