Revolt 400 electric bike.First Electric Bike in India 2019

Revolt 400 electric bike

Revolt RV400

The new Revolt RV400 is the first electric motorcycle launched in India and comes with an ARAI certified range of 156 km with a full charge. The new electric bicycle is developed by Revolt Intellicorp, based in Gurugram, founded by Rahul Sharma, former co-founder of Micromax Informatics.

Revolt RV 400 and RV 300, the first electric motorcycles in India have gone on sale in India today, and we have all the highlights of the launch event here. The new electric motorcycle has been developed by Revolt Intellicorp, based in Gurugram, founded by Rahul Sharma, former co-founder of Micromax Informatics. Reservations for the new Revolt RV 400 electric bike are already underway on the company’s official website for Rs. 1000. The bicycle was launched with a special payment plan for 37 months, instead of a fixed price, which starts at Rs. 2999 for the entry-level Revolt RV 300.

The Revolt RV400 considers a range of 156 km (ARAI certificate) with a single charge in Eco mode. In City mode, the range is expected to be around 80-90 km, and the range of Sport mode will depend on the driving style and the terrain It has a maximum speed of 85 kmph. The new RV400 electric motorcycle will offer a selection of three driving modes: Eco, City, and Sport. The Revolt RV 400 is packed with new generation features, like cloud connectivity, synthesized sounds, and a dedicated mobile app

The RV400 will also have a dedicated mobile app that will offer a complete range of features, including satellite navigation, bike locator, real-time bike information and diagnostics, geofencing for security, doorstep battery delivery, online payment gateway for a battery swap, and anti-theft features.
The revolt had launched his first electric motorcycle in India with a lucrative and unique payment plan.

The motorcycle will come with a warranty of 5 years / 75,000 km and a service interval of 10,000 km.
The motorcycle also comes with a fully digital instrument group and remote control with the option to locate a bicycle.

The Revolt RV400 is IP67 certified and therefore offers better water wading capacity compared to any other motorcycle.
The motorcycle comes with an ergonomics of intelligent design, with adjustable footrests that allow it to modify the driving position, and the company says that the ergonomics of the vehicle can adapt to 95 percent of the Indians.

The bike comes with a helmet connected (optional) with the bike, with speakers and microphones. It can be used to activate the motorcycle by voice. The system works with Google.
The new electric motorcycle is an entry-level commuter electric motorcycle that will have several unique features and will be the first electric motorcycle with artificial intelligence, synthesized sounds, and an interchangeable battery location network.

The Revolt RV400 will offer total peace of mind of the anxiety of reach, thanks to an integrated charger, which can be used in any conventional 15 A power outlet to recharge in less than 4 hours. In addition, the battery is removable and a portable charger with an electric bicycle is also provided to conveniently recharge the battery anywhere in a convenient place like work or home.

According to Revolt Motors officials, the RV400 will bring a complete transformation of the Indian two-wheel industry with disruptive technology, features, and prices.

India’s first electric motorcycle, Revolt RV400, is ready to be launched today in India.

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