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Tim Cook Success Story. He became CEO After Joining in Apple



Tim Cook Born in Alabama in 1960, Tim Cook graduated from reddish-brown University with a degree in technology Associate in Nursingd earned an MBA from the Fuqua faculty of Business at Duke University. once a 12-year career at IBM, Cook assumed govt roles at Intelligent physical science and Compaq, before connexion Apple in 1998. In August 2011, Cook was named Apple’s new business executive, once the death of forerunner Steve Jobs.

Brilliant mind
Tim Cook was born as Timothy D. Cook within the village of Robertsdale, Alabama, on Hallowmas, 1960. Middle of 3 youngsters born to Father Donald, a workplace employee, and Mother Geraldine, a lady of the house, Cook He attended Robertsdale high school and graduated second in his category in 1978.

He listed at the University of reddish-brown in Alabama, graduating in 1982 with a degree in technology, and so earned a degree in Business Administration from the Fuqua faculty of Business at Duke University in 1988. additionally, Cook received the Fuqua Scholar degree —An honor granted solely to graduate school students UN agency graduate within the prime ten % of their category.

Early career
Just out of school, Cook launched into a career within the field of engineering. He was employed by IBM, wherever he rose to become the compliance director of the corporation in North America, managing the producing and distribution functions for the IBM laptop computer company in North America and geographical region.

After a 12-year career at IBM, Cook in 1994 became the chief operating officer of the Reseller Division at Intelligent physical science. once 3 years he joined Compaq pc Corporation as vice chairman of company materials, chargeable for exploit and managing the merchandise inventory. However, his time there was short-lived: once an amount of six months at Compaq, Cook visited a foothold at Apple.

Apple career
“My most important discovery to date in my life was the results of one call: my decision to affix Apple,” Cook same concerning twelve years once connexion the corporation, whereas speaking at the graduation ceremony at reddish-brown University in 2010. However, it had been not a simple decision: Cook began operating for Apple in early 1998, before the corporate developed devices like the iMac, iPod, iPhone or iPad, and once it saw a decrease in profits rather than the expansion of the earnings. in step with Cook, before acceptive his work on Apple, he was deterred from doing this as a result of the company’s future appeared terribly bleak.

“While Apple factory-made Macs, the corporate had been losing sales for years and was normally thought of on the verge of extinction,” he told reddish-brown graduates. “Just a number of months before acceptive the work on Apple, archangel dingle, founder and business executive of dingle pc, was in public asked what he would do to repair Apple, and he replied: ‘He would shut it and provides the money back to shareholders’.

But things modified quickly once Cook joined as vice president: but a year once its debut at Apple, the corporation reportable earnings, an unprecedented modification from a recent report that showed a web loss of $ one billion within the twelvemonth. previous. once Cook became the govt vice chairman and so chief operational officer, he assumed responsibility for managing world sales and operations, in conjunction with leading the Macintosh division and continued development of relationships between resellers and suppliers.

In August 2011, Cook was named Apple’s new business executive, assumptive the position of former Apple business executive and co-founder Steve Jobs, UN agency died in Gregorian calendar month 2011 once a protracted battle with cancer. additionally, to serving as a business executive, Cook sits on the board of administrators of the corporation. In could 2014, Apple proclaimed its largest acquisition thus far once it bought Beats Music and Beats physical science for $ three billion. As a part of the agreement, Beats cofounders, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, would be part of Apple in govt roles. in an exceedingly letter to Apple workers, Cook said: “This afternoon we have a tendency to announce that Apple is exploiting Beats Music and Beats physical science, 2 invasive businesses that complement our line of merchandise and facilitate expand Apple’s system within the future. delivery our firms along pave the approach for superb developments that our customers can love.

After this, at the planet Developer Conference on June 2014, Cook proclaimed the newest version of the Apple software for desktop computers and mobile devices, OSX falls. In September of the identical year, Cook introduced the iPhone half-dozen and iPhone half-dozen and, that had larger screens and came with new options like Apple Pay and “Burst Selfies.” He additionally proclaimed the primary new product beneath his reign, a conveyable device to trace fitness and health, the “Apple Watch”, out there for purchase in 2015.

Cook continued to watch the event of the latest merchandise like Clips, Associate in the Nursing application that allowed the creation of short videos for social networks. a number of months once its debut in spring 2017, Apple introduced the iPhone X, which generated a stir within the technological world for its automatic face recognition system. In August 2018, shortly once Apple became the primary United States public company to succeed in a worth of $ one billion, it had been reportable that Cook planned to lift around $ one hundred twenty million in shares. He had received a restricted share award once assumptive the position of a business executive in 2011, reaching the brink that needed the company’s shares to exceed a common fraction of the S&P five hundred firms over a three-year amount.

In Gregorian calendar month 2014, Cook confirmed in Associate in a Nursing opinion article that he wrote for Bloomberg Businessweek that he’s gay. “Although I actually have ne’er denied my gender, I actually have not in public recognized it to date,” he wrote. “So let Maine be clear: I’m proud to be gay and that I take into account being gay one among the simplest gifts God has given Maine.”

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7th Nizam’s eldest daughter-in-law dead



ఏడవ నిజాం కూతురు బేగం కన్నుమూత.

ఏడవ నిజాం మీర్ ఉస్మాన్ అలీఖాన్ సంతానంలో బ్రతికున్న ఏకైక వ్యక్తి, ఆయన కుమార్తె బషీరున్నిసా బేగం(93) కన్నుమూసింది.కొంతకాలంగా అనారోగ్యంతో బాధపడుతున్న పడుతుంది. ఆమె ఆరోగ్యం మరింత క్షిణించడంతో ఈ తెల్లవారు జామున తుదిశ్వాస విడిచింది. బషీరున్నిసా బేగం 1927 సంవత్సరంలో జన్మించారు. ఆమెకు అలీ పాషాగా పేరొందిన నావాబ్ కాసిం యార్ జంగ్‌తో పెళ్లి జరిగింది.

వీరికి ఒక కుమార్తె కూడా ఉంది. కుమార్తె పేరు రషీదున్నిసా బేగం. పురాణీ హవేలీలో నివసిస్తున్నారు. అలీ పాషా 1998 సంవత్సరంలో మరణించారు. బషీరున్నిసా బేగం మరణం పట్ల పలువురు ప్రముఖులు తీవ్ర సానుభూతిని వ్యక్తం చేశారు. ఆమె భౌతికకాయాన్ని సందర్శించి నివాళులు అర్పిస్తున్నారు. ప్రార్థనల అనంతరం అంత్యక్రియలను నిర్వహించనున్నారు. పాతబస్తీలోని దర్గా యాహియా పాషా స్మశానవాటికలో బషీరున్నిసా బేగం అంత్యక్రియలు జరుపనున్నారు.

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Eat Food With Measurable Quantity



What are the dimensions of a serving of food?
It is simple! One serving is that the quantity of food or drink we elect to eat every time. It is often heaps or touches and it depends on the alternatives we tend to create. whereas the number of food we tend to eat is our call, we are able to influence the number of food served in restaurants or provided in packages by food producers.

Why ought to we tend to concentrate on the dimensions of a portion?
Understanding what an accurate portion will facilitate the US eat healthier and avoid mortal sin and mortal sin.2 What drives our food selections is advanced and lots of factors will play a job, from social to psychological.3 A typically, the number of food or the sensation of fullness doesn’t even appear to matter. this might be because:

we eat a rush, or doltishly,
we simply do not know what quantity we should always eat,
We choose larger parts for a higher price for cash.
In some food containers, the portion size is mentioned, in others no. Why?
In the EU, food producers will, however, don’t have to be compelled to indicate a serving size on the package. the data that ought to be mentioned within the food packages includes:


How much product the package contains in total,
What nutrients and the way abundant of them area unit gift in 100g or 100ml of the given food. Who decides on the portion size indicated on the food package, if mentioned?
In general, portion sizes don’t seem to be standardized in Europe and will vary by the whole, product or producer.7 However, many business associations have developed normal portion sizes to produce consistent info, sure|guaranteeing} that certain Food or beverages area unit tagged with identical serving size, notwithstanding whole. 5,6,8 as an example, soup producers mentioned and suggested that a serving of soup be 250 milliliters. The trade association of the ECU potable business conjointly set the reference portion size at 250 milliliter and European breakfast cereal producers united on a spread (30-45 g) of serving sizes for various varieties of cereals. Food makers, if they want, may also specify info “per serving.” The “per serving” info offered by food producers isn’t the suggested quantity to consume. Rather, it’s the number of food that a median adult is predicted to consume and the way it contributes to the final diet. as an example, one hundred g of butter contains, on average, eighty g of fat. Actually, we do not eat one hundred g of butter at a time. Therefore, providing info per serving of butter, as an example, per 10 g, can higher replicate the contribution of this food to our diet.

Is the portion size identical because of the portion size?
This can be quite confusing! typically, the dimensions of some and also the size of some area unit identical, however, they’ll disagree. we tend to currently recognize that that portion is that the quantity of food we elect to eat, whereas the portion size may be a specific and measured quantity of food, like a spoon, a glass or a slice. Imagine a loaf of bread. The suggested serving size could also be one to a pair of slices, however, the portion you select to eat could vary. it should rely upon however you would like to eat the bread, what else you’re consumption with it and the way abundant you would like.

Unpacked food? Is portion size not recommended? however will we acumen abundant to eat?
The dietary steerage provided by every country, usually painted as an organic phenomenon or dish, is often an honest begin. you’ll use them to understand what foods to eat and in what proportions, to attain a healthy and diet. will your country have its own organic phenomenon or an Eatwell dish to that you’ll prefer? you’ll realize it on this page of the FAO web site. We should conjointly invariably bear in mind that some foods offer a lot of energy than others, which implies they supply a lot of calories per serving. this is often known as density energy density ‘. as an example, a frozen dessert created with full-fat cream and sugar is often classified as high energy density foods. On the opposite hand, most fruits and vegetables have low energy density. Therefore, the portion sizes of fruits and vegetables would want to be larger than the frozen dessert to produce an identical quantity of calories. Low energy density foods area unit usually wealthy in nutrients. whereas foods of high energy density ought to be enjoyed carefully, observance portion sizes.

As a general guide, attempt to follow these tips:

Eat at least 5 totally different servings of colorful fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.
Make potatoes, bread, rice, alimentary paste or alternative starchy carbohydrates because of the basis of a meal, selecting whole grains whenever doable fourteen
Aim for 3 servings of farm product (or farm alternatives) per day, selecting choices with less fat
Eat macromolecules like beans, legumes, fish, eggs, and meat (including a pair of servings of fish hebdomadally, one amongst that should be oily)
Drink half-dozen to eight glasses of water, milk and sugar-free drinks, like tea and occasional, on a daily basis that ought to add one.5 to a pair of liters per day.
Eat-in an eating place and be swamped by the portion of food ahead of you?
In restaurants, if the food you serve looks an excessive amount of, raise your server to get rid of 0.5 the number now and pack it up to require a home. This not solely helps management what quantity you eat, however conjointly avoids waste by providing another meal for the consecutive day!

Can I simply calculate what quantity some ought to be?
We should see our serving sizes and mix them with suggested serving sizes. To estimate the proper amount or portion, we are able to use our hands, some visual comparisons or straightforward activity tools which will be found in our room. the fruit may be a tiny apple or a few of berries
the vegetables square measure a medium carrot or 2 handfuls of sliced broccoli (which is roughly eighty g)
the bread maybe a slice or [*fr1] bun
the flesh will slot in the palm of your hand
the cheese is that the size of a tiny low box
water ought to fill a glass
the butter will be measured with a teaspoon
What regarding the children? for certain their parts square measure smaller!
That’s right! the quantity of food we want and, therefore, the dimensions of our parts varies in line with our weight, gender, health and the way active we have a tendency to square measure. does one bear in mind a food pyramid? It will be used as a reference for kids over two years. simply bear in mind, once adjusting the dimensions of some for the bellies, the balance of the food teams ought to stay constant, what matters is that the portion size. we are able to still use our hands as a guide for individual parts. as an example, if a few of berries is one serving, kids can have less and so consumed but adults. What a helpful mensuration tool continuously in our pockets!

How will we have a tendency to management portion sizes?
Understanding what quantity we want to eat needs apply, however, their square measure some tricks to stay portion sizes beneath control:

Use smaller plates
Slow down and be additional aware whereas intake
Skip seconds / do not choose a second to facilitate if you already feel full
Do not dine out of the boxes
Learn to scan food labels
Repackage giant baggage in individual parts
Use mensuration tools like spoons, cups, and cups.
Use our infographic as a guide to decide on the proper serving size
Eat often, consciously, and luxuriate in it with friends and family!

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Chandrayaan-2 Full Story. Indian satellite mission




Chandrayaan-2 is Associate in Nursing Indian satellite mission to explore the undiscovered pole of the heavenly body by landing a rover.On Gregorian calendar month seven, Republic of India tried to form a soft landing on the satellite surface.However, the Vikram landing module lost the first landing website and went for the second. the pictures disappeared from here on out.

According to the top of Isro, K Sivan, the communication of the Vikram landing module was lost and therefore the knowledge remains being analyzed.

If the Republic of India succeeds, it’ll be the fourth country to land on the moon, when the previous state, us and china, to consolidate its place among the nations of the planet that visit the house.

The Chandrayaan-2 satellite had begun its journey to the moon going Earth’s orbit within the dark hours on August fourteen, when a vital maneuver known as Trans satellite Insertion (TLI) that Isro dispensed to put the orbiter within the “Lunar Transfer Path”.

In a vital milestone for India’s second satellite mission, the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter had with success entered the satellite orbit on August twenty once activity the satellite orbit insertion (LOI) maneuver. On August twenty-two, Isro frees the primary image of the moon captured by Chandrayaan-2. On Gregorian calendar month a pair of, ‘Vikram’ with success separated from the satellite, when that 2 outrageous maneuvers were dispensed to bring the landing module nearer to the Moon.

‘Vikram’ and ‘Pragyan’

When the Republic of India tried a soft landing on the satellite surface on Gregorian calendar month seven, all eyes were on the ‘Vikram’ landing module and therefore the ‘Pragyan’ scout vehicle.The 1,471 metric weight unit ‘Vikram’, named when Vikram Sarabhai, the daddy of the Indian program, was designed to execute a soft landing on the satellite surface and operate throughout a day, that amounts to regarding fourteen Earth days.

The twenty-seven metric weight unit robotic vehicle of Chandrayaan-2 ‘Pragyan’, that interprets as ‘wisdom’ in Sanskritic language, will travel up to five hundred meters from the landing purpose on the moon and harnesses alternative energy for its operation.If victorious, Pragyaan is deployed from within the landing module to hold out Associate in Nursing intense probe of the satellite soil with its 2 payloads.

Chandrayaan, which suggests “lunar vehicle” in Sanskritic language, exemplifies the revitalization of international interest in the house. I know. In the US, China and personal companies square measure among those that vie to explore everything from resource mining to extraterrestrial colonies on the moon and even Mars.

Isro’s future plans

Isro’s next priority is that the $ one.4 billion Gaganyaan mission, that aims to place 3 Indian “gaganauts” into orbit, a minimum of one in all who are a lady.

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